Christmas is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Everyone is happy and want to get into their comfy clothes which will get them more into the holiday spirit. People like to buy special clothes for Christmas which including custom Christmas jumpers, sweaters, shirts and also Christmas leggings.

At Christmas time nothing feels more festive than getting into your comfy Christmas clothes and getting into the spirit of Christmas. There are dozens of designs available in the market including fleece lined leggings, fur-lined leggings and sweater leggings too which give a perfect seasonal touch to your attire. They can be worn at home as well as on the Christmas parties too. Let us now give you some handy tips which you can keep in mind when you go Christmas legging shopping.

    Understand the difference

The biggest mistake which most women commit is to confuse the tights with leggings. The difference between the two is their thickness. Tights are thin and below under dresses or skirts while leggings are thicker and go with more pieces of clothing like shirts, tops, short dresses etc. Leggings can be both worn on their own and used for layering as well because they are form fitting pants and are designed to keep you warm. Another difference between tights and leggings is that tights stretch over the wearer’s feet while leggings are always cropped by the ankles at least. Tights are worn in winter season while leggings can be worn in any season.

    Choose the appropriate length

Leggings come in a lot of different sizes and lengths. The various lengths from which you can choose include Capri leggings, stirrup leggings, knee-length leggings, and ankle-length leggings. Among these varying lengths, The Capri leggings reach to the mid-calf and are less formal than full-length ones but function in the same way. The stirrup leggings have a strap which wraps around the wearer’s foot which is designed to prevent the leggings from ridding up the legs. The knee length leggings are the ones which fall just below the knee and are best to be worn at dance parties. The ankle length leggings cover the entire leg and reach all the way down to the ankles of the wearer. This is the most popular of all and designed to provide full coverage. Make sure to choose the appropriate one when you go shopping according to your desire and need.

    Keep the body type in mind

Another important thing while buying leggings is to consider the body type. As Christmas is a festival on which you want to look your best so you must pay attention to this detail in order to look perfect. While shopping, consider the fact that ankle length leggings look good on all body types and knee length leggings flatter the wearer’s slim legs so choose accordingly. If you are not sure then just go for the ankle length ones because they look good on everyone, give the wearer an elongated look and are best to be worn with high heels which are yet another necessity of women on Christmas parties. For slimming effect, go for darker shades of colours or patterns.