The blue colour is usually considered a manly colour, however, it is totally not the case. The blue colour is the colour of freedom and intuition. It also represents trust, loyalty, and confidence. The blue colour creates positive effects on the body and mind. As the blue colour is the colour of spirit, it conjures and causes the body to produce chemicals that calm your feelings of composure. The biggest advantage of the colour blue is that it helps a person in maintaining balance and self-expression. The colour blue conveys the feeling of love and devotion, so if you are planning to wear blue on your date then it’s a great choice. In some cultures, it is believed that the blue colour keeps away the bad spirit, and brings out the luck. So you better wear the colour blue on your first day of work to keep the luck at your side the whole time.

    Can Easily Match:

The best quality of the colour blue is that it can easily be matched with any other colour. It perfectly complements all the colours of the colour wheel. If it is your first day of college then you must consider wearing blue leggings with simple and cute white net top with ankle boots. Trust me you will look completely amazing in this outfit. You are more than welcome to match your sexy blue leggings with crop tops. They will enhance your body shape and you can walk with confidence.

    Patterned Blue Leggings:

Nothing looks more gorgeous than patterned blue leggings. Trust me you can wear patterned blue leggings with almost anything. If you own a cute maroon top, then it would be great when you match it with patterned blue leggings. Pale green colour also goes along with blue leggings, so if you have a pale green coloured top lying somewhere in your wardrobe, you can now match it with blue leggings. There are also blue leggings with stars on it, people who like to wear funky thing can definitely check it out.

    Dark colours work best:

Dark shades of blue are also great for those who have excessive weight. The best quality of dark shades is that it can make you look slim and sexy.

    Blue Leggings for Mothers to-Be:

The leggings are the most comfortable wear for the mothers to be. It gives them comfort and makes them look appealing at the same time. They can easily match it with striped tops and floral pattern shirts.

A variety of shades:

There is a wide range of shades of blue, which actually allows you to match it with the top of any colour. If you are in the mood of wearing some light colour, then you can always go light blue leggings over a grey coloured top. Black also complements various shades of blue. You can also match blue leggings with a mustard coloured top for some classy look. It will surely bring out the beauty within you.