Leggings are one of the most diverse pieces of clothing. They look trendy and have become a fashion staple. They can be worn like pajama bottoms, gym attire, while going for outdoor activities like a walk at the beach, run in the park, or a hike. They can be used to stop cold in the chilly weather by layering them under jeans or trousers. They go with just about anything from shirts, tops, skirts, dresses and cardigans. Leggings are the ultimate fashion statement nowadays. Let us look at some of the best leggings online which you can find and buy.

    Nordstrom Zella Live In Leggings

These are the ones which have gotten 5-star reviews by customers. One pair costs about $52. This is a bit expensive but once you wear them you will absolutely feel that they were worth the investment. One of the reasons most people love these leggings is that they don’t thin out like other leggings do after being worn for some time. Instead, these leggings are of the best quality that you can ever find. They are quite stretchy and are made of moisture wicking knit and are sewn with seams that are flat-lock which makes them super comfortable to wear. The elastic waistband of these leggings come with a hidden key pocket which is great for travel or gym use. The colour of these leggings also never wears out or fades away. They are usually the top pick of anyone going legging shopping.

    Old Navy Leggings

Are you looking for the most affordable pair of leggings? If yes, then Old Navy leggings are the one for you. They literally cost $10 which is quite cheap and easily affordable by most people. These leggings are available in two colours: black and dark gray. They are the best casual option for women. These leggings go best with long dresses or tops. They are comfortable and can withstand longer periods of usage making them perfect for travel and long work days. They are quite versatile and go with just about everything from party dresses to sweats. However, they are considered comparatively thinner but not see through. They are soft, stretchy, flattering and for a price of $10 that is way more than one can ask for.

    Express Leggings

If you are a lover of styles and want to buy leggings which are available in a variety of styles then the Express leggings are the best for you. They are super durable and come in a wide range of styling including split ankle, cropped, paneled and zip ones. There is also a big variety of prints available for you to choose from as well. These leggings are quite thick which makes them last many washes and makes them durable. They are also perfect for traveling. They can be worn with shorter tops or shirts too. They are made of a fabric which is breathable. The material is a mix of cotton and spandex. On a hot summer’s day, they can absorb sweat and provide you a good long day’s wear.